Windows & Doors Barrie

TempSmart has been serving the community of Barrie, Ontario for over 30 years. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality windows and doors on the market to our customers in Barrie and all over Ontario. Don't take our word for it, TempSmart windows Barrie are used by Ontario Hydro Energy.

Why do they choose us?

Because not only are our windows and doors simply the highest quality, they also the highest level of thermal insulation. That means your house stays warm in the winter and cold in the summer, even with the crazy weather that sometimes comes in the Barrie area.

Our great customers have been able to see significant energy savings during the cold Barrie winters. Barrie residents have also reported great savings during the summer time as because our TempSmart doors & windows are so well insulated the cool air your A/C unit works so hard to provide won't be able to leave your house keeping it nice and cold, no matter the external temperature.


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Energy Star Most Efficient (2017) Certified

Energy Star Most Efficient (2017) Certified