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If you are a resident of Muskoka and require new quality windows or doors, our team of qualified window and door experts will help you decide on an option that suits your unique needs. At TempSmart we care about your home and promise the most comfortable customer service experience and the highest quality windows and doors, backed by a 100% satisfaction guaruntee.

If you live in Muskoka we will come straight to your home for a consultation.

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At TempSmart, we use 100% Canadian windows and doors and offer the highest quality windows and doors at the best prices. We have been serving the community in Muskoka, Ontario for over 30 years.

TempSmart helps maintain comfortable interior temperatures without heaters or A/C.

Both our doors and our windows offer the highest degree of thermal insulation out of any product in Canada. Our windows and doors prevent the cool air from escaping your home during the hot summers and will keep your home well insulated in the winter. This means that the heater & A/C will be running a lot less often.

We have gotten calls from Muskoka residents thanking us after seeing reductions of over 40% in their energy bills.

Don't take our word for it,

Not only has the TempSmart received the Energy Star Most Efficient (2017) award, but Ontario Hydro Energy uses 100% TempSmart windows


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Winners Of The Door Energy Star Most Efficient (2017) Award

Winners Of The Door Energy Star Most Efficient (2017) Award